Top 10 Scary Churches Where Prayers Won’t Help You – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Churches Where Prayers Won’t Help You – Part 2
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Church can be a good time, you got a bunch of people singing songs, everyone is there to praise Jesus and theres a priest there who’s always carrying enough wine to get everybody tilted. But just like any other building a church can get run down, hit by a natural disaster or the devil himself will move in. I mean if I was the devil I would want to walk into every single church in the world, its the one place your not allowed to go and you would be able to go into there and here everyone talking trash about you, you’d figure out each person your going to personally torture in heck. Well the house of god can get corrupted more times than you would think and thats why Im brining you todays list of top 10 scary churches where prayers wont help you part – 2.

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