Top 10 Scary Ghosts Only Seen At 3 AM – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Ghosts Only Seen At 3AM – Part 2
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What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Stories and sightings during witching hour are back people. Apparently you guys would never want to see a ghost at 3am but you’re totally cool with hearing about other peoples harrowing 3am experiences so lets just jump right in. These are the Top 10 Scary Ghosts Only Seen At 3am – Part 2.

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Ghost in the attic
byu/papa-johnny-papa inGhoststories

The Lady in the Pink Dress
by inGhoststories

My neighbor died and now there’s shadow figures in my apartment
byu/racingbarakarts inGhoststories

OK this is a crazy story
byu/CallmeBlu213 inGhoststories

by inGhoststories

Me, My friend and his dead Grandmother
by inGhoststories

Happy Birthday Brother
byu/bhoppy20 inGhoststories

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