9 Things You Think Are Illegal (But Aren’t)

9 Things You Think Are Illegal (But Aren’t)
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 9 Things You Think Are Illegal (But Aren’t) There are some things you may think are against the law but that may not be the case as we will find out in this educational animated video of infographics and facts! Every country around the world has different laws but in this video we will look at some legal myths in the UK and USA where there are things you are allowed to do that you always thought were illegal! Even if these things are legal don’t do them as sometimes they could be bad anyway! #Laws #Animated #Facts

00:38 Trespassing
01:38 Resisting Arrest
02:21 Youth Drinking
03:04 Lying To Police
03:53 Eating Your Pets
04:37 Firing Missile
05:24 Age Ratings
06:24 Secretly Recording People

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