We Are Being SUED – WE NEED YOUR HELP! – Shutting Down Our Channel?

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We have been silent for almost 1 year fighting this lawsuit quitely! But now we are trying to defend ourselves!

Help save our Youtube channel Most Amazing Top 10! Please give me the chance to defend myself in court once again.

We are currently being sued for videos we produced on my Youtube channel Most Amazing Top 10. We have already won this Lawsuit in the state of California. The person suing us decided to move the case to Florida but we also won there as well.

So now this person is trying to sue us again at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. This lawsuit has gone on for almost 1 year now and I have paid for all costs out of pocket so far. I’ve paid a lot of money to win in California & Florida.

Right now we need your help! This lawsuit could cost 6 figures. Right now we have to pay legal fees of $25,000- $30,000. Without this money we are not able to defend ourselves and we are taking a chance in court. We are heavily favored to win again in the Ninth Circuit because we have judgement in our favor already from California & Florida.

Any donations are really appreciated!

We Are Being SUED – WE NEED YOUR HELP! – Shutting Down Our Channel?

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We are in the fight of our lives!

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