Top 10 Signs Animals Are Evolving And Getting Smarter

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Have you ever looked at your pinky toe and thought, “man my kids are definitely not going to have one of these..” While humans will probably take a while to evolve to the weird version of humanoids scientists believe we’ll be, animals are evolving at an alarming rate and, ironically, it’s mostly because of us! Today, we’re covering the Top 10 Signs Animals Are Getting Smarter.

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10. Stronger Bed Bugs
9. Scared of Mice
8. Dolphin Interviews
7. Capuchin Monkeys
6. Growler Bears
5. But Can They Math?
4. Coywolves
3. Follow The Mold
2. A Perch Porch
1. Russian Dogs Can Point You To The M Train

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