Top 10 Marvel Plot Twists you Didn’t See Coming

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Top 10 Marvel Plot Twists you Didn’t See Coming
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We did not see that one coming. Marvel has delivered some truly incredible plot twist we didn’t see coming, and these are just some of their best. We’ll be looking at the most shocking and impactful twists and turns Marvel has put onto their pages over the years. We’ll be spoiling the twists, so be forewarned!

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List Rank and Entries
10: Alex Wilder is a Supervillain – “Runaways” #16 (2004)
9: Master Planner is Doc Ock – “Amazing Spider-Man” #32 (1966)
8: Sharon Carter Killed Steve Rogers – “Captain America” #25 (2007)
7: The Thunderbolts are The Masters of Evil – “Thunderbolts” #1 (1997)
6: Old Man Logan Killed the X-Men – “Wolverine” #70 (2009)
5: The Death of Gwen Stacy – “Amazing Spider-Man” #121 (1973)
4: Xorn is Magneto – “New X-Men” #146 (2003)
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