10 Last Words From Black Box Airplane Crashes

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! From the very first time man has lifted off of the ground, to just yesterday, aviation accidents have happened. Sometimes human error, sometimes they’re mechanical faults, and sometimes it’s a terrible coincidence of both. It’s hard to imagine what the passengers and crews of these flights have gone through in their final moments, but thanks to black box recordings we have a better idea of what those final horrifying seconds might have been like. Here’s our list of ten last words recorded from black box airplane crashes.

10. Alaska Airlines 261

9. Swissair 111
8. Korean Airlines 801
7. United Airlines 232
6. Japan Airlines 123

5. Delta Airlines 1141
4. El Al 1862
3. Pacific Southwest Airlines 182
2. Valujet 592
1. Aeroperu 603

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