Top 10 Harry Potter Movie Moments

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Top 10 Harry Potter Movie Moments REDUX
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These are the moments that we’ll always remember. For this list, we’ll be going over scenes from the classic movies that Accio all the feels. We’ll be excluding character deaths, which really deserve their own list. Our list includes the flying Ford Anglia, the spells Expecto Patronum and (of course) Wingardium Leviosa, as well as some powerful dramatic punches – both emotional and literal. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Harry Potter Movie Moments REDUX!

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10) Wingardium Leviosa
9) Dobby Is Free!
8) Harry High on Liquid Luck
7) Hermione Punches Draco
6) Neville’s Speech and Harry’s Resurrection
5) The Flying Car
4) Expecto Patronum!
3, 2 & 1???

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