Top 10 Prison Escapes CAUGHT On Camera

Top 10 Prison Escapes CAUGHT On Camera
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Prisons are built to keep convicted inmates locked securely behind bars. And despite the locked doors, barbed wire fences and towers, we have had some pretty crazy prison escapes. How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and today we are going to be looking at some pretty impressive and daring escapes that you never thought were possible. So get ready because right now we have the top 10 prison escapes caught on camera.

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Caught on tape: woman escapes jail through unlocked doors

13 prisoners escape a danish prison using a bulldozer.
byu/kaerne invideos

WATCH: Idiotic Prisoner Caught Attempting To Escape Brazilian Jail Through The Toilet

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