Top 10 Most Famous BIGFOOT Sightings

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! He’s elusive, but that hasn’t stopped a countless number of people from looking for him. Regardless of your stance on Sasquatch, it’s hard not to be grateful for these persistent truthseekers. Without them, we wouldn’t have footage of Bigfoot, like these top ten captures that are worth viewing… and laughing at, if you’re deadset against the existence of the big-footed being.

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10. The Independence Day Film
9. Provo Canyon Bigfoot
8. Canada’s Bigfoot
7. Sasquatch in Michigan
6. McDowell County’s Bigfoot
5. The Agitated Sasquatch of Provo
4. The Beast of Avocado Lake
3. The Bigfoot of Turner, ME
2. The Bigfoot of Marble Mountain
1. Patterson-Gimlin Sighting

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