10 World’s Greatest Magic Tricks REVEALED

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Do you want to see a magic trick? Oooooooh. Magic, right? Aren’t you impressed? Okay, fine, so it’s not actual magic. What do you want from me? My name isn’t Jimdini or David CopperJim. I may not know how to do magic, but I can ruin it for other magicians with this Archive revealing the truth behind the top ten greatest magic tricks!

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10. The Floating Man
9. The Signed Card Trick
8. Cutting a Person in Half
7. Levitation Trick
6. The Underwater Escape (Water Tank Escape)
5. Rabbit Out of a Hat
4. Hand Through Glass Trick
3. The Bullet Catch
2. Walking on Water
1. Vanishing Statue of Liberty

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