10 Near DEATH Experiences Caught On Camera

Top 10 near death experiences caught on camera.

From a man almost being hit by a car and a bus caught on camera, to a train spotter almost being hit by a train caught on camera, we countdown 10 near death experiences caught on camera. In 2010, a man was walking down a busy street in Russia. Suddenly the man’s walk is interrupted by an incoming vehicle that has veered off the road and onto the pavement heading straight for him. The man’s quick reactions save his life, and he is able to casually walk away from the incident without a mark on him. In 2011, during an army training exercise, the members of the exercise were showing off the marksmanship skills. However, during the exercise, one solider accidentally fired a bullet into the back of the solider standing in front of him. The solider in front’s hat flies off his head, but luckily he was not injured in any way. If the bullet had been inches closer, it could have resulted in a nasty friendly fire. In an off road car show in 2012, one stunt goes wrong as a large car knocks one man off of the ramp. The car then progresses, knocking a cameraman off his post and running him over. Despite the massive truck’s size, the two men escaped, unscathed by the truck. In 2012, a Russian man was casually filling up his car with gas, when a bus, mounted with a dash cam struck a truck entering the gas station. The man filling up had no time to react and was incredibly fortunate as the bus stopped just inches from him. No one was injured in any way, and the truck driver was blamed for not giving way to the bus. In 2012, a girl was on a steam train going incredibly fast with her friends. She then decided to stick her head out of the train’s window to take a potentially lethal photo. As she sticks her head out of the train for her friend to take the picture, another train speeds past the opposite way. In April of 2012, a woman was walking in her town in Russia, when suddenly a tree fell down. The tree was inches from the woman in red, as she barely had time to react to the incredibly tall tree coming right for her. In 2009, a pedestrian was normally crossing the road, as the black car waited for him. However, seconds into his crossing, a bus which brakes had stopped working collided directly into the back of the car. This caused both the car and bus to fly forward, missing the man by inches. In 2013, a group of three pedestrians were crossing a road. When suddenly a car turned round the left corner, only to be smashed into by a speeding car going straight into it. The car that was struck then spun right into the side of the group of the three people. Luckily the car stopped inches before hitting all of the pedestrians, leaving all of the pedestrians unharmed. In 2010, a train spotter was taking photos of a steam train. However, he failed to notice the train approaching behind him at a very high speed. The train speeds past the man. The train was so near that it actually touched his jacket. 1 centimetres difference could have cost the man his life. In September of 2012, two trucks collided with each other. The collision totally destroyed the front of the blue truck and caused damage to the red truck as well. The driver of the blue van wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, but luckily managed to grab a piece of cloth and gradually lower himself from the truck. The viral video has been nicknamed ‘leaving a truck like a boss’.

Man Almost Hit By A Car
Solider Almost Shoots Soilder In The Head
Off Road Vehicle Drives Over Man
Man Almost Hit By Car At Gas Station
Girl Nearly Decapitated By Train
Falling Tree Almost Flattens Woman
Man Almost Hit By Car And Bus
Train Spotter Almost Hit By Train
Luckiest Car Crash Ever

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